Are you dreaming about living in a green country, about lush pastures, rolling hills, a peaceful and stress less quality of life, a place where all your projects could come true?
Look no further: Auzon Communauté has it all!
Located in the south of the Auvergne Region (more precisely in the Haute Loire department), Auzon Communauté is midway between two large commercial towns: Issoire and Brioude (10kms from each town).
Auzon Communauté’s territory counts 12 communes which are easily accessible from the
A 75.
Clermont Ferrand, the regional capital is a half hour drive away. Lyon and St Etienne are two hours away, and Montpellier 2 and a half.
9 250 people live in the 12 communes of our lively community.
The economic activity covers all sectors. Firstly industry is centred around Lempdes sur Allagnon, Ste Florine and Auzon. Commercial activities are more so located in Lempdes and Ste Florine. But you will find throughout the area general stores and all useful services.
All trades are represented in thriving independent businesses. Agriculture and forestry are also a lively part of the economy. Equally active is the tourism industry centred around the lakes, rivers, historical buildings and villages.
Auzon Communauté incorporates numerous nature reserves and a diversity of sceneries from the valley at 400m to the mountains tops at 1100m.
The rivers and streams refresh the atmosphere in the hot summer months and you can swim or fish in the lakes in Vezezoux and Champagnac.
You won’t be disappointed by all the historical buildings there are to admire, such as the villages’ churches, the numerous castles of various styles, the ancient stone ovens and fountains, washhouses and crosses.
All services, to private people, families, and businesses are available locally. For children, you will find different child care structures (day care centre “halte garderie”, the child minders’ organisation “Relais Assistantes Maternelles).You will also find the leisure centres open before and after school (accueil périscolaire), on Wednesdays and during all the school holidays for children aged from 3 to 9 years old. Teenagers can find activities to suit their age in the “Club Auz’Ado” when they are between 10 and 13 years old and in the “Accueil jeunes” if they are over 14.
Of course the territory has many primary schools (10 altogether), and counts 4 high schools.
You will find doctors and all other medical professionals as well as social workers all around the community.
As for your cultural life, many public libraries will welcome you, as will the community’s music school. A cultural program provides entertainment all year around. Finally the territory is scattered with many sport and cultural associations where you can find many different activities for all ages.
The community of communes as in charge the economic development, space planning as well as solving problems linked with the environment: protection and enhancement programs for historical buildings, housing, quality of life, cultural and sport equipments.
 All these areas of expertise ensure you that Auzon Communauté is ready to be an active partner in your installation on our territory.
As well as Auzon Communauté, the Pays Lafayette‘s mission d’accueil is competent to help you set up here a professional activity.
Auzon Communauté is engaged in quality approach to welcome new inhabitants and offers a special support to people with a project. The territory studies all projects and analyses them with the help of states organisations such as the chamber of commerce, chamber of trades….
These same state actors and Auzon Communauté are qualifies to help you find the best way to finance your projects.
The SYDED, “syndicat de développement économique”, also helps people with a project to set it up.
You can see that there are here a lot of potential partners to help you make your dream come true!
You will find many assets on our territory: a magnificent environment, a dynamic economy, shops and amenities, all services and a personalised assistance to help you make the move, and even people who, like yourself, came from other countries to set up in the heart of Auvergne, and who will gladly give you advice.
They came from the UK, and the Netherlands, and set up hotels, restaurants and leisure business.
Here real estates are affordable and of a wide variety of properties are available: small country farm and cottages, old village houses, and large properties.
Of course, not everybody speaks English but we will all do our best to answer any of your questions.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email; this will be the easiest way for us to reply in your mother tongue.
You can also visit the following websites to get information’s on the region and on all the formalities there are to do:
A few words about our 12 communes:
Auzon, 849 inhabitants. Several very interesting historical buildings: open market hall and collegiate church from the 12th century, an eco museum, the old stone built houses. You will also and several small en medium businesses
Agnat: 213 inhabitants, small village very close to the “sous-préfecture” Brioude.
Azérat: 285 inhabitants, its church from the 12the century and its old village ovens.
Champagnac le Vieux: 284 inhabitants, its activities are centred around tourism with the attraction of the lake and campsite.
Chasignolles: 87 inhabitants, the smallest commune of the territory has a very beautiful roman church (the church door is classified).
Frugères les Mines: 516 inhabitants counts several enterprises which gain business with the very close A75.
 Lempdes sur Allagnon: 1406 inhabitants: a touristic and industrial town, with a ever growing population
Sainte Florine: 3186 inhabitants, the largest town of the territory. It’s the heart of the economic life with its many enterprises (VALEO for example), businesses and shops, trades men and all services (professional schools, high schools, primary schools, banks, chemists, doctors etc…).
 Saint Hilaire: 194 inhabitants, little village well known overseas for the HELPAC company which makes mainly essential oils
Saint Vert: 104 inhabitants is a little haven of peace with a large part of its territory covered by forests through which run two lovely streams well appreciated by the fishermen.
Vergongheon, 1700 inhabitants, a growing town with several small and medium enterprises.
Vezezoux: 170 inhabitants is also a growing town.